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About Air Navigation

Flight-planning and real-time navigation application for iOS, Android and Mac OS X.

Air Navigation is a real-time aircraft moving map navigation application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Android devices and Mac OSX. It supports free maps of almost the entire world as well as official aviation charts for many countries. The application costs a fraction of the price of a dedicated portable aviation GPS.

Worldwide database

wordwide-databaseAir Navigation comes fully loaded with worldwide aviation waypoints (more than 160.000). The database also includes airspace information for more than 50 countries. This allows you to quickly plan routes, distance and estimated time for your flights.

Air Navigation Desktop for Mac OS X

ANDAir Navigation Desktop is a flight-planning application. It is the desktop/laptop computer version of Air Navigation Pro for iPad and iPhone. It is currently available for Mac OS X 10.7 and higher through the Mac App Store. With Air Navigation Desktop you can easily perform your pre-flight planning at home and print the necessary documents such as the route, weather info, weight and balance data and NOTAM briefing. Moreover, It is possible to sync your planned route with Air Navigation Pro for iPad and iPhone.

Flight Tracking

flight-trackingFlights can be recorded and published live on our Website. Share it with your friends and let them track your current position. The flight tracking has been both built for social and security purposes. Create your own free account at http://services.xample.ch

Android version

android-flight-versionSince early 2012, we released Air Navigation Pro for Android. As a little brother of the iOS version one, we expect to make it grow achieving the same level. Regular updates are released with improvements, more tools and better performance.

Fliegermagazin Prize Awarded

flieger-award-2013AirNavigation won the first 2013 Prize in its category as the best iPad App for pilots.

Real aircraft instruments

real-aircraft-instrumentsAir Navigation simulates real aircraft instruments, gathering data from the GPS antenna to create realistic behaviour. With Air Navigation you will not only get a (*)2D moving map but also a (*)3D synthetic vision with terrain awareness features and accurate instruments such as the HSI, VOR, ADF, among many others.
(*)2D Moving map: free maps available, commercial charts available as in-app purchases.
(*)3D Synthetic vision and Terrain awareness: requires commercial 3D data, available as an in-app purchase.